High concept and low budget intersect in Flesh of my Flesh, a gory zombie romp filled with bullets, betrayal, and bloodshed -- and that’s before the zombies get involved!

Flesh of my Flesh chronicles mankind’s final hours in the last great war for existence.

An embedded research team reveals themselves to rescue their own beleaguered rescue party. This triggers a snowball of betrayal, jealousy, love, and redemption, punctuated by bullets, pain, and death. After the bullets, pain, and death come more revelations.

This Zombie Hunter Limited Edition includes:

  • signed and numbered - only 2000 copies
  • "Yeah, That'll Do It!" making-of featurette
  • Official Zombie Hunter ID card
  • Bonus card for Hacked Off, our hilarious zombie game of stray body parts.
  • Bonus short movie: Animo Korvoj
  • Bonus short movie: Blood
  • Bonus short movie: Come to Us
  • Bonus short movie: Con of the Dead
  • Commentary Track
  • Music-Only track
  • Theatrical teasers
  • ...and more!

2015 - Not Rated - Color - 93 minutes

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Flesh of my Flesh - Zombie Hunter Limited Edition DVD

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